Insight Into CRM

CRM is Customer Relationship Management which basically lets you manage & retain customer information to generate leads & sales opportunities thus systematically increasing your company’s revenues. Not only that, CRM also helps you in facilitating customer loyalty & close deals faster. It accelerates business growth with intelligent marketing automation & builds strong relations across all channels.

CRM is a game-changing technology for industries that want their customer-base to grow with increasing scalability by understanding the needs of the end-users.


Marketing Without CRM

Under present circumstances, marketing without CRM is a blunder to say the least. Without a working CRM System, you are stifling your growth & losing out on some precious time & money. With traditional methods of marketing, you are likely unable to manage your current client database and valuable information may be slipping through the cracks.

Moreover, an extensive pool of information can bog down your system imposing practical limitations in tracking conversations, customer responses, feedbacks, disputes or identifying lapses in any of your key business processes.

Our Solutions

With KONDESK we are incredibly passionate about creating industry-specific & domain-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems by integrating a range of user-specific operational, administrative, technical and educational functionalities from various platforms under one business framework.

Our CRM system enhances your processes around sales management, contact management, operations management, process management, Resource and Infrastructure management & much more. It integrates a 360° viewpoint of consumer interactions and tracks past behavioural patterns to improve the end-user’s understanding of consumer needs for future dealings.


Our Focus

At KonDesk our goal is simple – to help you improve and strengthen your relationships with your consumers. Our CRM infrastructure is capable of addressing current obstacles posed by traditional methods from the ground up by seamlessly integrating a series of processes and systems engineered to custom-fit the needs of your business.

In the near future we want to continue dynamically moulding ourselves to develop a robust digital landscape - meeting high standards of customer satisfaction while also ensuring transparency & legitimacy.