Importance Of KONPARE

An Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a mandate when students come to Australia on a Student Visa or Visitor Visa for given period of time. Although these Health covers are available online on various platforms and one can avail these from Google, it can be an extremely confusing and quite tedious to get information about these health covers and making a decision on which one suits you best can be very daunting as there are numerous websites and so much to see and consider.

KONPARE helps one to make a comparison and select the best policy all on one single platform making it easier for you to compare and decide. Not only this, for education and migration agents, it makes their job easier as this IT solution gives them much more in terms of usage and access.


Current Concerns

As times are changing and we are headed towards a world full of options, there are lot of formalities students need to complete when they move to a different country. One such formality is their Insurance and the setback is that there is a huge market gap between the students and the insurance policy providers. Students are not able to make the best decision due to lack of information and knowledge. Educations Agents on the other end also have an agreement with few of the Insurance providers out of the so many available.

KONPARE therefore brings in a clear picture about the various options available in the market when agents join hands with KONPARE. It saves time and effort and acts as a linking pin between the insurance providers, agents and the students.

Our Solutions

We have designed Konpare keeping mind its usage by students, visitors, education and migration consultants. For consultants, all they have to do is sign up with us and we provide them access to a Widget that they can easily install on to their website and use Konpare just from their home page. For every consultant and his clients Konpare is made available from the consultants’ website so they can use the concept of ‘White Labelling’ to finalise the quotes enabling them to improve their own brand awareness and earn referral commissions.

With Konpare, agents can view and access a portal that shows them a clear list of their clients and promising leads. If agents have multiple employees under them, they can even manage their user accounts through Konpare. You have the option to enter sales and revenue progress with an inbuilt system that allows you to track progress.


Our Focus

At Konze we believe in designing a model that is simple to use, easy to understand and is relevant in today’s times. By combining out expertise and checking the need for evolving with the latest technology, KONPARE is meant to make the life easier for consultants and any other users who are on the lookout for a health cover in Australia by assorting them all in one place. Our aim was not only to make the process of choosing the policy easier but also providing other features to track and maintain a database for consultants that is crucial for daily use and further takes care revenue generation, sales and marketing.

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