E-commerce Retailing

Retail business & sales have taken their toll due to COVID-19. We have seen the highest number of retail bankruptcies in recent times. On the contrary, it also gave rise to small and medium sized enterprises and individuals to engage their products on an online marketplace.

Thanks to digitization, many were quickly able to adapt the transformation from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce retailing. E-commerce helps you to go above & beyond geographical limitations, offer cheaper than a traditional business, flexible business hours, and much more.

Are you one of those emerging or established business owners who wish to engage with the potential consumer via an e-commerce platform?

Do you wish to onboard e-commerce retailing but don’t know where to begin? 


Helps your Business

What is KONSALZ?

KONSALZ is an e-commerce platform made-for-all businesses whether small, medium, or large. KONSALZ operates on a business-to-consumer model.

KONSALZ could be your best stepping stone if you are planning to jump into the e-commerce ecosystem and increase sales & revenue. Your consumers will have the convenience to buy products as per their availability with increased product selection.

With KONSALZ you would be saving huge on marketing & distribution costs than a traditional business which you could spend otherwise in expanding product range, branding, and much more.

Cyber & Data Security

Cyber & Data Security

Be stress-free while using KONSALZ as our servers are encrypted with high-level data security and privacy.

Target Niche Audience

Target Niche Audience

Stop beating around the bush as KONSALZ - the best e-commerce platform lets you identify & match your business with the perfect customer.


What gives us the extra edge?

Features of KONSALZ
Deliver Delightful Experience

Deliver Delightful Experience

Build an authentic loyal customer base with impeccable UI & UX delivering the ultimate buying experience to your customers.

Product, Price & Shipping

Product, Price & Shipping

A simple yet effective design layout of products, their price, information, shipping, and everything showcased to streamline your business’ sales funnel.



Inventory Management

Manage your product inventory the way you like. Face-up most selling products upfront, maintain inventory quantity, forecast demand with data, determine minimum stock levels (MSLs) & much more…


360-degree Customer Service

The customer support team is always readily available to handle your business queries via live chat, social media, email, and phone.


Accurate Analytics

Observing and analyzing data from month over month will help your business to identify traction and fix gaps to sell products with the least drop-offs in the funnel.


Wow Customers

KONSALZ e-commerce platform lets your online users trust your business more with user reviews & setting up actionable takeaways for customers.