What Are Electronic Signatures?

Electronic signatures or e-signatures are gaining popularity around the globe for being an inexpensive, flexible & modern way of finalizing agreements. They are more widely accepted as compared to digital or handwritten signatures by companies & professionals alike

E-signatures are an electronic means of getting a document signed online in a secure & verifiable manner. It denotes the existence of an electronic transaction and deems consent for closing contracts & agreements. Today, e-signatures are not only lawfully binding in developed countries but are also acceptable as an authentic means of approving electronic documents in lesser developed and developing economies around the globe.

Electronic signatures or e-signatures
Present Struggles

Present Struggles

One of the biggest struggles faced by organizations is the lack of trust in e-signatures & its acceptance as a safe, secure & legal signature method. Other glitches include an absence of compliance procedures, issues pertaining to data security & reliability, lack of privacy, inability to manage risk, lack of flexibility, inconsistent workflow and misuse of personal data amongst others.

Despite a digitally driven world, today more than 80% of businesses (especially SMEs) are reliant on paper-based processes. More than 37% of SMEs face issues where agreements are either signed by the wrong person or are not reviewed properly.

Our Solutions

KONZE presents KONSIGN - a positive amalgamation of e-signatures & the digital transaction management process. With KonSign we will give you the autonomy to create, edit, review & share documents securely and as you please. We will also be compliant to all the current e-signature acts including ET, ESIGN, UETA etc.

With industry-leading comprehensive security tools at work including firewalls, encryption, SSL Security etc. your data would be 100% safe & confidential. We would also be incorporating a Digital Audit Trail to ensure that you get an equal footing in case a signature is challenged in the court of law. We would also equally stress upon having strict privacy practices to safeguard the interest of our users & to inform them of their legal rights.

e-signatures & the digital transaction management process.
Convoluted workflow & manage documents solely on cloud

Our Focus

With KonSign our focus is to help organizations with streamlining their otherwise convoluted workflow & manage documents solely on cloud so that it may be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Businesses will be able to send one document to multiple parties upon deciding hierarchy, at one go thus reducing dependency on manual processes & paperwork!

KonSign will be a multi-faceted application that can be used by businesses from all sectors including Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Legal, IT Operations, Education and Entertainment & Media.