Our Team
Deepa Rajagopal

Deepa is a dynamic, result-oriented, and enthusiastic leader to follow and work with. She has experience of almost seven years in the education and migration industry contained with in-depth knowledge and expertise that assisted many clients. On completion of her master's degree from Swinburne University of Technology, her passion for International Education and Migration led her path towards leading education consultants. Her great dedication and timely decision-making proficiency marked her start from an Admin towards becoming the Business Development Manager.

During this progress, she has piloted efficiently many crucial projects like International Education Student Recruitment, Domestic Education Student Recruitment, Global Business Development tasks within the Education division, and many more. She has also played an integral role from the planning, development and scaling up of various online business initiatives such as coaching services for IELTS, PTE and NAATI. While working, she has always visualised to use her in-depth knowledge towards the betterment of this Industry and to come up with innovative ideas that can cater many.

After Deepa’s outstanding journey within the Education and Migration domain, she became a key collaborator under a new venture called “KONZE”. She has from then been leading and guiding a vibrant team of Business Analysts, program Developers and Information Security specialists to bring various ambitious products under KONZE to fruition. She manages KONZE’s contracts with governmental agencies such as the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Criminal I ntelligence Commission and has been influential and versatile in forging alliance with vital external stakeholders.

Deepa has been an indispensable part of KONZE and its success milestones.

Dharmendra Patel

Dharmendra Patel is the Strategic Advisor of KONZE Enterprise Pty Ltd. He is a distinguished business personality, whose career has spanned across various areas in Education, Immigration, IT Product Design and Distributed Systems Architecture.

Mr Patel is guiding the team, beginning with defining the desired future outcomes. Depending on the type of project, the outcomes can be various - profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, visibility, market penetration, compliance, growth, and more. All of these outcomes have one common theme - being better at something in the future.

DD Sir
Karan Joshi

Karan Joshi is the Head of Partnership Development. Mr Joshi is a business-savvy, sales-oriented and entrepreneurial personality, with a stellar reputation in the Education sector with several Universities, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Overseas Health Insurance providers.

He helps us nurture a strong industry network, boost awareness and build relationships by developing and executing effective communication and media relations programs. Mr Joshi mainly evaluates opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising on an on-going basis for the company.

Maulik Chaudhary

Maulik Chaudhary is the Business Development Manager. He studied Master of Business Information Systems from La Trobe University and is inclined to innovations in technology. He works closely with the clients, marketing team and developers, and has been involved with KONZE since its inception.

Previously, he has been engaged as a Business Analyst and skilled in Client relation, Team building and Growth Hack. He is recognised for being a resourceful problem solver, successful lead generator and effective account manager. He is a people person who enjoys making things happen, and people smile. His core belief is to start small, be consistent and grow together.

Shikha Manav

Shikha Manav is a Software Engineer with 3+ years of Overseas and Australian experience. She has studied Master’s in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University. Her excellent programming skills and ability to multitask effectively and efficiently have proven valuable to our business.

Her contribution to the projects has been tremendous. She has a thorough understanding of the project specifications and is in charge of analyzing and designing algorithms to solve complex problems using her research skills. She is responsible for developing a software program that meets our business requirements and developing a software verification plan and quality assurance procedures, fixing bugs, testing, diagnosing, and correcting errors in the applications, and much more.

Simran Jaiswal

Simran Jaiswal is a Business Analyst. She has studied her Masters in Business Information Systems from Monash University and brings fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to projects. Ms. Jaiswal defines and engineers project requirements by identifying project milestones and establishing budgets.

Her immersive research skills aid in market analysis and predictive analysis. Previously, she studied her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a major in finance while teaching English and working as a Junior Accountant. Furthermore, Simran participated in internships involving data analysis, machine learning, and feature engineering.